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Voted #1 on The Travel Channel and Food Network!

The American Coney Island Hot Dog has been a favorite with Detroiters and visitors for nearly a century. The reasons for the great popularity of the Amercan Coney Island is the high quality, specially-seasoned, natural skin casing hot dog from Dearborn Sausage and our own Keros family secret recipe Coney Island Chili Sauce developed decades ago. Add to that a topping of fine mustard and sweet chopped onions that is the final touch to the distrinctive overall taste and flavor of the American Coney Island Hot Dog. Served in a warm steamed bun, it's no wonder the American Coney Island Hot Dog has been such a tantalizing treat that's still hard to beat after all these years!

Plan a Coney Bar for your Graduation Party!

Make sure when you are planning your sons or daughters Graduation Party that you include an American Coney Island Coney Bar. We will bring everything you need to enjoy the legendary great taste. Detroit Chili, Dearborn Brand Hot Dogs, steamed buns and all the fixings will guarantee your party will be a hit! American Coney Island Coney Bars are great for any occasions including work parties, birthday parties or any get together.

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